Benefits of Launching Directories Like a Lawyer Directory

The operation of an industry specific, topic specific or
geographic specific directory like a lawyer directory or a real
estate directory is an internet business possibility. Some
directory services aren’t even specific but contain a wide
variety of directory listings that are seemingly unrelated. Some
directory services, like Open Directory Project are free
directory services.

Website owners who are interested in having their business
website listed in the directory submit their site to the
directory and it is evaluated by editors to determine whether or
not the website is relevant to the subjects under which the
website owner wishes to be listed. While there are directory
services that provide free advertising alternatives for website
owners, some directory services, quartzbanger especially specialty services
like a real estate or lawyer directory, charge advertising fees
to list a website in their directory.

In order to start a directory service like a lawyer directory,
you need a directory-style website designed and developed.
Directory websites generally have directory listings as well as
search options that enable Directorylisting directory users to search for specific
information in the directory. Listings are generally organized by
category. For instance, with a lawyer directory you may have
categories for defense lawyers, contract lawyers, family law
specialists, and so forth. A directory-type website is not
incredibly complicated to design and develop. Most experienced
website designers and developers will be able to provide advice
on developing a directory service website. markd

There are two types of marketing associated with the operation of
a directory. You have to market to advertisers who will list
their services in the directory, and to those who are interested
in obtaining the information that is listed in the directory. So,
in essence, when you operate a directory service as an internet
business, you have two major target markets to reach which
requires a multi-faceted marketing program. If you were to start
a lawyer directory, for instance, you would need to decide if
your directory will list lawyers in a specific geographic area,
of a specific specialty or branch of the law, Buy Weed Online Australia or if it will be a
general directory of all types of lawyers who practice in various

To attract advertisers for your lawyer directory, of course you
should try to get your website listed in the search engines
either through search engine optimization or pay-per-click
listings. You can also advertise your directory in industry-
specific publications and classified ads. Another useful method
of attracting advertisers for a lawyer directory is to obtain a
mailing list or phone list of lawyers who fit into your target
market and to contact them either through telemarketing, direct
mail or email marketing to try and sell ad space in your lawyer

Using the search engines is by far the best method for marketing
to consumers who will be seeking the information contained in
your lawyer directory. Link exchanges with information websites
that provide legal advice or copies of laws and statutes may also
be an effective method for promoting a lawyer directory and
making it easy for consumers to find and access the directory
information. Once you get traffic coming to your lawyer
directory, it will be much easier to sell advertisements in the
directory and to earn revenues from directory advertising fees.

The examples given here are specific to a lawyer directory;
however, the same concepts can be applied to launch, operation
and marketing of any type of directory service. In comparison to
other ideas for making money on the internet with an internet-
based business, operating a directory service could be time
consuming since directory listings are actually reviewed by human
editors and progressive marketing efforts are needed to get
listings and promote the directory to consumers; however,
operating a directory service is an internet business
possibility. For more info please visit


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