Wireless CCTV and Its Role in Property Management

Following the acceptance of wireless internet CCTV as the natural digital replacement for traditional analogue cameras, bigmuddyjournal people have been finding all sorts of uses for the new technology, capitalising on the ability of these cameras to communicate over the internet. In this article I’m going to look at how wireless CCTV can be used by property managers.

Holiday home owners often spend a lot of time away from their beloved holiday cottage or seaside apartment, and this can lead to worry about what is happening at the property, extramilepminc whether everything is “OK”. For example, if there is a storm in the area, or a spate of burglaries, the anxious property owner will need constant reassurance that all is well. One way of providing this reassurance is to let holiday home owners keep an “eye” on the place, through the lens of a wireless CCTV camera.

Property managers have oloupdates the chance to make this happen for their customers by offering wireless CCTV cameras as part of their range of services. Once customers see how easily they can log in over the internet and take a look at their property, they will never want to be without that reassurance. This is only the beginning, though. These wireless cameras can detect an intruder in the property, and immediately raise the alarm by sending an email or mobile phone text message. The beauty of using such a system in property management is that the system can be set up to send a copy of each alert to the local property manager, the man “on the ground”, so that even if the property owner is thousands of miles away, pharolatin there will be a professional nearby who can take immediate action. Let’s look at how this could work in practice:

If there is a break-in at a holiday home, classyworld in the normal run of events even if the property is managed professionally, the break-in may go unnoticed for some days or even longer. This could mean, for example, that the back door is left broken and wide open for quite some time, until the next visit by the property management company, a cleaner or the owner. This is clearly a huge security risk, and one that a wireless CCTV system would prevent, because the property manager would receive an instant alarm from the customer’s camera and could swing into immediate action, first logging in to take a look at the live scene via the internet, bloggermedia and then visiting the property as a matter of urgency or even calling the police.

Offering such a system can kwinebar give property management companies the edge in looking after their customers, and installation is easy. The cameras need a broadband connection, which these days costs very little, is widely available and can be arranged within a couple of weeks. A word of warning – these cameras can be bought on-line from electrical retailers, pdi-p but to get them working properly would require significant technical knowledge and you would get little if any help from the retailer. Getting a fully-configured camera pack from a specialist company means that the cameras can simply be plugged in, and services such as text message alerts and expert support are included in the package. masjidalachyar


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